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What is panic attack? What are the signs of panic attack on an individual?


Panic attack is a condition where a person feels sudden intrusion of excessive anxiety or fear. This disorder is caused by so many factors that include genetic factors and anxious trends of childhood experiences among others. The following are some of the physical and emotional showing signs that you are about to have a panic attack:

Emotional signs of panic attacks

Lack of focus

This situation is where an individual lacks concentration and becomes restless. The focus of the mind then shifts to the things that can lead to escape from that situation or loss of touch with the reality. Whenever you find yourself in this situation, it is important for you to understand the root cause of the problem since this can ruin your emotions if not prevented.

Danger expectation

Of course, when you are expecting danger, you tend to develop some unusual emotions and disorder. In this case, also, you become restless and fear or anxiety makes you feel vulnerable and thus resulting in emotional imbalance. It is therefore in this condition that you should try to establish the cause so that you escape the danger before it can have a great damage on you and perhaps your emotions. Such experiences or situations if not treated with the necessary attention, it may later result in post-traumatic stress disorder that will later have a negative impact on you.

Feelings of tension

Tension is also an emotional feeling that becomes part of you when you are about to have a panic attack. So many things that include things like explosions or earthquake among other things can cause tension. It is therefore important for you to understand what the cause of your tension is so that you can deal with it so that you can reduce the impact that it may cause to you.

Physical symptoms of panic attacks


Obviously, sweating beyond that is normal is an indication that you are about to have a panic attack. It is a fact that, majority of the people show this kind of emotional disorder physically through sweating in an unusual way. For example, sweating when the weather is cold is a bold indication that you are undergoing some serious emotional instability.

Trembling or shaking

Shaking and trembling is also a clear indication that you are about to experience a panic attack or anxiety. Unusually, it will be very clear for you to notice this manifestation of your fingers and even the whole body trembling. A good example is also in a case where your trembling is not in line with the weather condition. Of course, it is unusual for you to find yourself shaking when it is warm enough. Therefore, such physical manifestations of your body shows that you are about to experience panic attack.

Shortness of breath

Most of the people develop this complication when they face danger or when they sense a terrifying situation. In this case, you will find that there a great difficulty breathing or you feel that your lungs are not getting enough air as it should be. Of course, this is an alarming thing for you to underrate it since it may cause further breathing complication. It is therefore the best practice for you to take control of your situation to avoid the risks that may come with it.

Weak in the knees

It is important to note that, many people feel weak in their knees when frightened or when faced by a dangerous situation. Basically, you will find that, your knees become extremely weak to a point that it may not support your body. In most cases, people who portray this sign tend to fall down or sit in order to regain themselves. For example, in case of hearing a gun shot or the ricocheting of bullets, you may feel the same happening on your knees and this becomes a sign that you are about to experience a panic attack.

Numbness or muscle contraction

Muscle contraction and numbness is also a condition that shows that you are about to experience a panic attack. Just like the weakening of your knees, numbness becomes part of your legs, hands or even the whole of your body. In this case, you do not feel any of the impulse transmissions especially of pain and touch. Therefore, when you feel you are in this condition, you should relax and take other necessary action to cut short the emotions and the dangerous feelings

Heart palpitations

In this case, the heart beats faster and beyond the normal rate. When this happens to you, know that it is not a normal thing but perhaps you have sensed some danger that makes your heart to race. This is therefore a clear sign that you should check on your emotions since this feelings indicates a panic attack expectation or experience.

Chest pain

Chest pain can also result due to breathing complication. This serious condition may cause great damage or harm. It happens to many people especially when frightened or terrified and are beyond their control. When you are exposed to danger in most cases, it is very automatic for some people to portray this sign. This is therefore a serious condition and, therefore, you should always be aware of the impacts that it can cause.

Increased blood pressure

Panic or anxiety attack can also have an impact on the blood pressure and in most cases, the blood pressure rises beyond that is normal. However, this condition is short-lived and therefore, after the experience of the stimulating factor or danger, the pressure of blood resumes to normal rate. Though it is not a common experience, some people show this because of being exposed to frightening conditions or situations that arouse panic.

Panic attack destabilizes the emotion and are harmful when it goes to extreme levels. It can be controlled through different practices such as the cognitive behaviour therapy, medication, and exposure therapy among others.

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