Wedding Accessories

Wedding Accessories Every Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe


The day of the wedding accessories for a girl is the most annoying and most anticipated day of her life. The most anticipated day, because it is a day that a girl would never forget in her whole life and at the same time be annoyed because the wedding day would be tense because of her make-up, her jewelry, her dress, her hair, and her shoes.

jewelry accessories are more important to a bride than anything else. Why? Because no matter how much you wear the most expensive designer clothes on your wedding day, but no wedding accessories, a bride would just feel incomplete. These accessories not only give the bride a charming look, but they also increase the importance of this event.

1. Jewelry – Contains small ornaments that we have used for our decoration. The jewelry can be placed on the body or on the clothes, except for the flowers. For many years we have combined metals and precious stones that make jewelry. The jewels are not only made of metals and precious stones, but also of shells and various materials. There are many basic forms of jewelry that vary from culture to culture. In Europe, ornaments are more common for the neck than for the nose and ankles. The punk necklace is made of different materials. Jewelry is different for different people, since it varies from child to man to old man and from child to girl to old woman. Different for nose, fingers, ears etc.

2. Airbrush makeup: is the type of makeup applied to the skin with airbrush makeup instead of applying sponges, brushes, fingers, etc. A compressor is used to create and control a smooth flow of air through the medical tube. A hose is connected to a metal gun. The airbrush is suitable for any type of makeup application by changing the airflow of the spray. Airbrush makeup has become popular with the popularity of high definition televisions. Make sure you are looking for the best airbrush makeup before making a purchase decision.

The traditional liquid base and dust are deposited in the pores of the skin and express wrinkles on television, but the makeup of the airbrush is connected in millions of drops with the surface of the skin. It looks natural and is not as heavy as traditional makeup. Airbrush makeup is also available for eye shadows, blushes, eyebrows and lips, and can be in layers, shading, highlighting and contouring. It is easy, efficient and quick to apply.

3. High heels: the high heel is a shoe that lifts the heels of the wearer higher than the toes. High heels come in a variety of styles and shapes, including stiletto, pumps, block, sharpening, blade and wedge. According to the best brands like Jimmy Choi and Gucci, a “low heel” measures approximately 2.5 inches, and less, and heels between 2.5 and 3.5 are known as “intermediate.

4. Nail polish: nail polish is a varnish that is applied to the nails to protect the plates and make them more attractive. There are different components of nail polish. Each brand has its own touch in the production of nail polish. There are different types of nail polish: 1) The base paint is applied to the nails before applying the nail polish. 2) Top coat is applied to avoid cracks. Improves color and makes it attractive. 3) Gel Polish is a long-lasting enamel that normally does not dry, but is cured with UV rays. 4) Matte is a type of nail polish that is a normal nail polish , but it provides an opaque look instead of bright shine. 5) Shellac is a type of nail polish gel, but lasts up to two weeks.

5. Bindi: a Binds is a red dot or other point of color used between the forehead and the eyebrows in the middle, usually of Hindu and Jain women. It is considered one of the most important components of an Indian bride and also describes “the sacred symbol of the cosmos in its non-manifest state”. Binds still has a historical presence in most of India or 95% of Binds Indian women. It is said that the binds contains energy and strengthens concentration.

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