Treating Stains What not to do?

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Spills happen. Your carpet or clothes can get stained. What could you do? Simply get rid of and blot the place with a white napkin or towel. The more important question to be answered is what NOT to do if this happens to youpersonally?

We've heard that a little bit of elbow grease may fix any blot. Sadly that seems to not be the case. Some procedures which we thought works great on removing stains can make it worse. Stop! Place down. Here's a list of dos and performn'ts to blot removal, before you treat another blot.

  • Do not wait.

  • Don't rub the stains on fabrics carpeting or upholstery.

  • Don't vigorously scrub surfaces that are hard

  • Do not default to heat

  • Do not over-saturate the stains

  • Don't skip instructions

  • Do not forget to test your cleaner

  • Do not use soap

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