Printable Decorative Flower Bouquet for Valentine’s Day

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Flowers and love are two simultaneous things in life that always goes well hand in hand. We all love to celebrate the love and the lover’s day with varieties of flowers. From gifts to decorations- the flower becomes the center of attraction for everything. On this Valentine’s Day, here are some printable decorative floral bouquet designs for your celebration.

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1. Pearl and Bright yellow bouquet Wrap

Bouquets even look amazing with the naked flowers. But sometimes we love to decorate it with some other things as well. A bouquet wrap looks amazing with the combination of flowers. You can simply wrap it with a piece of smooth cloth. Make sure the wrap goes well with the flowers. In this bouquet, there will be bright and bold yellow flowers with small white flowers in it. But, such an amazing descent bouquet will look more attractive with a yellow-white combination cloth tied with a yellow pearl set. The silver ball pins to attach the wrapping cloth will look amazing on it.

2. Folded Paper Cone Wrap

For this floral bouquet, you need to buy specific wrapping papers. Wrapping papers with bi contrast color stripped prints are the requirement of this decoration. First, you need to twist and wrap the papers around so that they can make the specific unique geometrical shape. The, you stick the papers accordingly to make it a cone. In the end, put the flowers inside the paper cone and place it inside a glass vase on the dinner tables. This is perfect for short and wide floral bouquets.

3. Contrasting Pins on Bold Purple Bouquet

This bouquet theme idea is for bigger and brighter flowers. Suppose you are planning to keep the magenta and deep violet flowers inside the bouquet set. To complement the bouquet with beautiful essence, you must use purple color satin clothes. To pleat the clothes, the best is to keep contrasting pins. It can be of the darkest shade of pink or blue. Such an amazing bouquet setting while handed over to the guests, they will love it. Flower bouquet delivery sites will make you have some of the best designs of this unique bouquet set.

4. Splatter Paper

For splatter paper wrap, you need crush papers and watercolors. The paper is of the large roll and you can fold it according to the heights you need for your bouquet. First, you need to spread the crush papers straight and make relevant designs with watercolors on them. You can write messages as well. Then cut the papers according to the designs and wrap them around the stem parts of the bouquet. Tie them with coloring threads to make it more highlighting. It is best if you paint according to the match of the floral colors. This particular wrap design is more appropriate for long stem flowers.

5. Embroidered Monogram Bouquet Wrap

This bouquet design goes perfectly with the light color especially white or crème color flower bouquets. You can get white lilies and daisies to fill the bouquet. Then on the wrapping part, tie the flowers with a thicker colorful string. From one hanging end of the string, hang small round shapes of thread embroidered monograms. On this monograms, you can write a beautiful message for the person you are sending this. For this particular design, you can use the special gerbera daisy bouquets that can make the decoration look best on its own.

6. Fabric Wrap

This bouquet can be of two different types. One is just to cut your fabric according to the height of the bouquet. Then wrap it around the flowers making it tied with decorative ribbons. Or, you can take a fine piece of clothes and make some fabric artwork on them. After the cloth is prepared, you need to tie it around the stem part of the bouquet. SO, it will no more be the flowers but also be the designs that will attract the people’s attention.

7. Tissue Paper Wrap

Wrapping the flowers with coloring tissue papers is one of the brightest ideas to make the floral bouquet look special on this Valentine’s Day. If you are throwing a theme party, you can get the tissues according to the color of the designs. Wrapping the flowers with simple paper tissues make them looks more decorative and beautiful.

8. Wide Roll Tape Wrap

This wrapping needs different material than the other bouquets. We all have seen beautiful coloring tapes that can stick and keep things together tightly. This tape wrapping idea is perfect in case of precaution and emergency. This can be used as the basic step of every designer wrapping as well. If the wrapper becomes loose, it can make the flowers scatter. But taping will help it to stick around.

Flowers in bouquets are always the best decorative props of the whole world. Above are the best decorative floral bouquet ideas for the Valentine’s Day. 

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