Super Crafty Valentine’s Gift wrap Ideas to give special touch

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Valentine’s Day is all about surprising and making our partner feel loved. We can do anything to make them happy and this is one such day when we express our love for them through gifts and other sweet gestures. A personalized gift goes way longer than the usual gift. There are so many ways to make the gift personalized and here we are with one such ways to make our gift look pretty and personalized.

Here we are with some super crafty and simple yet amazing Valentine’s Gift wrap ideas to give special touch to the gifts.

1) Go with some Confetti

Confetti can anywhere bring charm, so you can use confetti to wrap the gift. You can wrap the gift with gift wrappers and then decorate it with confetti. There are different types of confetti but for Valentine’s Day you can use heart shaped confetti. Take the help of the glue and pour it to make various shapes. Now drizzle confetti over those glued areas, confetti will get automatically stuck on the glued parts giving you nice Valentine’s Day gift wrap. This confetti gift wrap is used for the gifts of both men and women.

2) Menswear inspired gift wrap

Here you can make the gift wrapping which resemble like a suit or shirt. You can wrap the gift in white wrapper and stick shirt buttons over it. You can also stick the bow like in the suits of the men. You can do this to a whiskey bottle or any gift which you are going to gift to your man.  You can also take a coloured paper to make a gift wrap like a tuxedo fixing buttons with the glue. A paper cut out tie will also look really neat and classy on the gifts of men. Order valentine’s day gifts online and turn up the romance on this special day.

3) Glassine treat Envelopes

If all your gifts are flat or something like chocolates bars and cookies, you can use this gift wrapping idea. You need to take glassine paper, make envelope out of it and use it to stuff gifts inside it. You can seal these glassine envelopes with heart shaped stickers. These glassine wraps will give them simple yet elegant look. You can also wrap the gift in folded waxed paper. Delicate and tiny gifts are better wrapped in this manner as they will look too cute in these see through glassine treat envelopes.

4) Use real roses for wrapping

Flowers are never out of style gift and now never out of style gift wrapping decoration too. You can wrap the gift with colourful decorative papers and decorate the top of the gift with various colourful flowers. You can also use fake roses to decorate the gift, but real roses will look better. You can take two three tone flowers and also its leaves to decorate the gift. Send valentine’s day flowers online along with the gifts to surprise your beloved.

5) Try some message patterned paper

You can even use gift wrappers with lovely patterns and messages like hearts or I LOVE YOU. Wrapping the gifts with these type of paper won’t need any else decoration of the gifts. You can yourself make these types of patterns on the gift wrapper with the help of sketch pens and water colours. Even a gift wrapper will give romantic messages to your partner.

6) Share love with ribbons and bows

Organza ribbons and bows will increase the attractiveness of the gift wraps. The gifts decorated with ribbons and bows will be admired by your sweet hearts especially girls. Ribbons and bows looks very pretty for packaging of wine, candy, cookie, floral supplies and even gourmet chocolates.


We hope these ideas has inspired you with different Gift wrap Ideas for Valentine’s Day to give special touch to your gift.

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