Get a Toned Body through Weight Training, for Women

How to Get a Toned Body through Weight Training, for Women?


Gone are those days when weight training was confined to only men’s workout rooms. With the change in the perspective and increased factual awareness about weight training, women have also started to enter the weight rooms in gyms and health clubs since almost 20 years. This is because they have recognized the significance of weight training in terms of health. Weight training not only aids in building a toned, feminine body; but also leads to better metabolism, enhanced strength, increased balance, and improved bone density. Other advantages of a weight training program are resistance to obesity, reduced risk of diabetes, improved resistance to arthritis and back pain, and stronger mental health. Therefore, the benefits of weight training for women are two-fold. It not only offers a great look but also a great feel, too!

Many women believe in a misconception that weight training will lead to bulky body. However, this is only true for men because of the hormonal and metabolic differences. The key is to consistently keep lower number of sets, say up to 4 or 5 along with lower repetitions of 7 to 8 as well for adding strength and firmness to muscles. Further, Mayo Clinic has also agreed that a regular weight training session can alleviate fat, burn calories, and boost lean muscle mass more competently than cardio. So, here are some great weight training exercises for women!

Exercise 1: Lunges

Working on all prime muscles of your legs and thighs, lunges are easy enough to master. Start by holding dumbbells with hands hung down straight at sides. Next, place the left foot forward, take the right foot around three feet behind, and bend the knees for lowering the body to the ground. Ensure that the left knee is behind the toes and maintain a straight torso. Finally, come back to the standing pose. Once you finish a full set, repeat the same with the other leg.

Exercise 2: Bench Press

This exercise focuses on the arms, shoulders, and chest by engaging the pectorals, triceps, and deltoids. Start by lying on a workout bench and gripping barbells or dumbbells at the chest level. Ensure that the feet touch the floor rigidly. Now, place your hands apart the shoulder width on the barbell and raise the weight until the arms become straight. However, see to that the elbows do not get obstructed. Finally, come down to the starting position slowly. This completes one repetition.

Exercise 3: Chair Squats

This is another simple workout that targets the hips, core, glutes, and thighs. To perform this exercise, keep your feet hip-width apart about six inches and position your body as though you are sitting on a chair and bend your knees to engage abs. Next, gradually lower your butt slowly towards the chair bending your knees. However, avoid sitting on the chair. In fact, you must hover and be in the pose two seconds before returning back to the starting pose. If you wish to make this exercise harder, it is recommended to catch dumbbells with weights at the height of the shoulder.

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