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How to Fix Windows Search not working with ease?


Windows Search is a very user-friendly program because it can help you find essential programs soon. However, if Windows search fails to work, it will bring some inconvenience to computer users.

So, if you have problems, do not work for Windows Search, what can you do? Do you know how to resolve the Windows 10 search bar to resolve the problem?

In fact, until you work Windows Cortana to solve the problem you can take the right way. And in this post, how will I solve the problem of how you work.

Restart Windows Cortana

First of all, do not work for Windows Search, you can start the Windows Cortana program again. You can enter the taskbar first task and select the Windows Kortana program to end it. Then restart the program that it can usually work.

Start the Windows Search service

Now, I will introduce the second method to resolve the issue of working Windows 10 search bar. If you do not work to resolve the Windows 10 menu, you can check if the search service has started. And if you do not know how to work, you can go to the following steps.

You need to first enter the service window and locate and locate the Windows Server Service, then right-click it to change its status at the beginning.

When you finish the steps above, you can reboot your computer to find out whether the Windows Search Work issue has been resolved.

Run system file tester

Now, I will introduce the third method to resolve the issue that does not work Windows search. To fix this problem, you can run a system fi tester that there is no corruption problem check files, the problem has not worked on Windows Server.

Therefore, type the order sfc / scannow to enter the order line window and continue.

When the scanning process is over, you can reboot your computer that the issue is not working in Windows 10 menu.

Here, for more detailed information about this method, you can read this post: 6 reliable solutions that are not available for Windows 6!

Rebuild index

The previous method to resolve the problem is to rebuilt the index without working the Windows Search bar. In this way, you already need to enter the control panel, and then select index options to continue. Then in the popup window, you need to go to upgrade to upgrade. Then go to the rebuilding button of troubleshooting section.

Next, you will receive a warning message that tells you that the index process will take longer. Thus, you must wait patiently. When the process is finished, you can reboot your computer whether the checking window has been done.

Run the DISM device

Windows Cortana is not working to resolve the problem, you can run the DISM device. In this method, you need to open the order line window and go to the following commands.

DISM.exe / online / cleaning-image / scanhouse
DISM.exe / Online / Cleaning-Image / RestoreThen

When it ends, you can check to resume your computer whether the issue of searching for Windows windows is resolved.

Run troubleshooting and indexing troubleshooting

Now, I will solve the last solution to work without Windows search. To resolve this problem, you can run search and index troubleshooting.

Go to the Control Panel and select troubleshooter. Then see and select all and go to the link. Next, the troubleshooting will be turned on and all the issues you have encountered are required. Then troubleshooting will solve these problems.

When it’s finished, you can check to restart your computer if you’ve fixed the problem that Windows Cortana is not working.

After you resolve the problem, it is recommended to create a backup image because you can do some recovery solutions while having some crashes. For example, you can restart your computer with backup image in the first instance instead of spending time for resolution while facing some crashes.

Therefore, the backup software software MiniTool ShadowMaker helps to back up the computer or back up hard drives.

Bottom line

Lastly, I have presented a 6 solution to solve the problem for solving the issue. If you have the same problem, please try these methods. And after solving the problem, create a backup image to protect your computer.

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